13.7 BYA ( Billion Years Ago ) -Planck epoch : No notes on the subject.

9 BYA -Formation of our galaxy : No notes on the subject.

4.5 BYA – Formation of the Solar System : Geolocalization obtained.

So let’s get down to Earth …

Over 60 million years after gettting spared those pesky dinosaurs, mammals are a varied lot. About 7 MYA ( million years ago ), our species’ ancestors are playing in Africa. A little less than 2 MYA, Homo Erectus ( an ancestor or just cousin, disputed ) began to get itchy, having walked for more than 1.5 million years to fully exploit both that ability and the environment and spread around almost all our poor planet. And we, Homo Sapiens repeat the process from 200 000 years ago onward including a locale of interest to our story from Es Skhul to Qafzeh where we dislodged the previous habitants. There we are.

According to History, Arameans were present in the Fertile Crescent region around 3,3oo years ago, a third of that for certitudes to come into play. According to its own history, the Jewish people might have been on the move from the lower part of that very Fertile Crescent to a place over North under Abraham supposed to be born 3,824 years ago or rather  in 1812 BCE . So Arameans on top around poor present-day Syria and descendants or relatives setting back up below in Canaan כנען constituted of the West parts of Syria and Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and of course Israël of our Now/Own Time. Let’s close the localization part on the notes of Exiles, an integral problem’s essential, in Babylon and in Egypt first of all as both events, the former attested while the latter remains imprecise and disputable, seem to have occured around 597 BCE to 515 BCE and later. Then came two periods of domination by Persia ( Modern day-ly news Iran ) and Ancient Greeks spanning over to around 130 but B’nai Israël persisted in situ through those and then Rome.
Arrived in 63 BCE, the Roman Empire lost patience in 70 AD destroyed the Second temple rebuilt after Babylon had done the same to the first one and Jews were thrown out.

Geolocalization issues at that place resume around 1948 AD, right after WWII and the Shoah.

Geopolitically, the Jews did not disappear though. From what I just broadly outline, you can picture a people that carries itself around a lot. That previous sentence is no simple pun. Dating back to hunters-pastoralists of the Bronze Age at minima and still seen as Semitic-nomads until egtting to Canaan means that you know about carrying all that you own and haul it around. At the same time, having differenciated your national and historic concepts and myths that early means you can carry yourself through time and mind. You know who you are. And that is the main problem.
From the onset, the Jews/Hebrews/Israëlites were then a different breed carving a relationship to
its God of unparraleled quality and nature that stemmed and fed its identity through so many difficulties that it strenghtened itself to endure what would have washed away most cultures. One almost could think that if History was a Hollywoodian movie, only the Jewish people could have portrayed themselves : good thing they were chosen, being the only apt ones for the part? Again, no pun in the previous sentence, we have just come full circle from our paragraph’s beginning.

The perseverance of that people is then best found in good and bad expressions in the relations it had/endured while always being a stranger in a strange land.
Since 7o AD, lands that “housed” jewish populations found those unmixing unchanging folks quite weird. The Jews stayed mostly amongst themselves and perdured when other immigration waves came and went and were absorbed. Only the Jews remained visible and up to Tsarist Russia, one bad crop, blame the weather, two bad crops blame fate, three  bad crops pray to God, four bad crops ? do a pogrom! An almost ritual session of abuse/kill/ban your local Jews.

The Jews also knew that exile, expulsion and the nomadism it forced them too meant that anything that cannot be carried out as you flee a given locale. So expecting such to become the case, they had the good sense to maximize the value to volume/weight ratio. They collected things such as gold or diamonds or much later papers instead of huge properties and giant sized artwork.
Good for them!
Or bad for them once again because it gave rise to two nasty perceptions of them being devious and greedy for their “love” of such things. If your survival depends on knowing in advance that you will soon get treated very badly, knowing about state secrets and  being geopolitically knowledgeable are necessary, not simple ploys.

In the countries where the Jews were properly treated in general, their presence has been beneficial overall. If France and the USA had their respective Dreyfuss and Rosenberg incidents, I am as certain that America would not give up Leonard Bernstein nor Einstein nor Milton Friedman & Spielberg that I am that France knows that the civilian and military planemaker Dassault which bears the post-Shoah name adopted by its creator and soul Marcel Bloch is a national treasure, amongst other valuable examples in both cases. Same goes for the Britain.

Then the night and fog fell.
Then one man came along and took advantage of his ability to mesmerize people especially crowds to psychopathologically turn the understandable thirst of  re-emergence of his nation into a fully fledge attempt to control the World which happened to include a diabolical end to the recurrent events surrounding the Jews by way of sheer extermination.

Since, tales got even more twisted than before; on both sides, pro & con. Since, a post-war push by an old ally gave rise to the modern nation of Israël.
Since, the world changed one more time and everyone or almost lost their cool.

That will be addressed later on a given event’s anniversary.

I’ve tried to give you an honest view in as few carefully picked words as possible about a people that rarely get it that way, peace out, Tay.


The logo included is that of the city of Jericho, part of Cisjordania/Palestine and also a Jewish Landmark. In adition to its decorative value, it thus ties in to future posts as you may guess.


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